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If you're looking for a new Chief Executive Officer, a Senior VP of Finance, Property Managers for luxury developments, or other key roles, ATARID is the leader in creating connections between talented individuals and the companies who seek them.

By offering hiring companies a range of custom recruiting services, we can work within the corporation's budget, timelines and hiring parameters.

Our recruiters are in daily contact with sector-specific experienced Job Hunters, and other industry-qualified, highly desirable candidates across the USA.

If you are looking to recruit one candidate, or a team, call our recruiters today and let's agree the best approach to achieve your objectives.
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property management placements
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Recruiters in property management
"I am pleased to offer the position of Property Manager to (your candidate) effective April 4th. Salary is $68,350. I can also offer him an apartment.
Thank you"
RRM, Chief Operating Officer
"We are pleased to inform you that we have offered, and (your candidate) has accepted, the Property Manager position. Salary $70,000. Thanks for your help."
"We would like to offer (your candidate) the position of General Manager. Salary $60,000. Thank you again."
"Thank you for working with us on this open position. (Your candidate) starts on 09/29 at $50,000."
KMC / Senior Payroll Manager
"Thank you for your support and professionalism throughout the search of our new manager…all the candidates you sent us were all excellent choices without doubt, however, (your candidate) seems to be the person best suited for the position and therefore, we are ready to hire (your candidate)…again we thank you for your services and I must say that it has been a pleasure to work with you. "